Full Moon Free On Line Gong Bath with Emrys Skye

United Kingdom FREE On Line Event

Please join me for an On Line Gong Bath event via Facebook. https://fb.me/e/4i1JowKCR If you do not use this social media channel it will be downloaded to the Gong Bath Videos section on this website soon after.

I have chosen this date for those that follow the Full Moon cycles. The January full moon can be considered a Wolf Moon where it is said the howling of the wolf can be prominently heard. Their howling can be associated to hunting, hunger, locating other pack animals and perhaps marking territory. There are many other names associated to a January moon and these can be found on the farmers Almanac website.

If you are joining me for the first time I would suggest you listen through a high quality sound system or good quality headphones. Whatever you use, the experience is your experience and may help you with healing and meditation journeying. Finding the moment to make an intention may also enhance your personal experience. Staying nicely warm and hydrated plus fully grounded is also helpful.

Enjoy my Online Gong Bath's with love and kindness.