Enjoy the healing power of the gong in the now.

Spiritual Flow

Lionsgate Encore

Remove the box of fear from your world,

see through with eyes from the tabloids trick,

cleanse blood from any substance hallucinate,

wash down to bathe the scarring wounds.

And then come back like the phoenix ready,

to walk the lands all barefoot and brave...

and only then can your story be steady,

to write kind and freely in the dragons cave.

copyright Emrys Skye 2020

Gong the Ascendance


My gong hanging from ye old oak tree,

respecting its soul from a past memory,

much shining light so angelic and warm,

once washed away the coven of scorn.


With a passing Hare as quick as you like,

stopping to share fine tales of delight.

Is this the start of a gathering wood,

does the man in Green show up. Perhaps he should.


Softly bark from behind much shade,

does turn about, all chilled on parade,

just as I thought a deer looks across,

Quan Yin I am, from a voice gentle like floss.


Now numbers swell as tweet not human,

flies in low, all dark like a Raven.

Perhaps I'll begin and see what comes,

no shouts Merlin transforming feathers to thumbs,


Ooh, is this the command from a toiling soul,

don't be daft, snorts Ashtar the Mole.

I'm the closest it gets to nibbling your jam,

Yet you see me not as you walk this fine land.


Ascended or not you are welcome all here,

from the smallest of creature and greatest so dear.

Yes, your presence a glory as I gong for you all,

this fine summer day under oak tree not small.

© Emrys Skye 2020

3oth August 2020 Gong Session

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Latest News

The opportunity to recommence the Gong Baths across Norfolk are once again upon us.

Most of the venues are cautiously coming back with workable guidelines and we are pleased to announce Cambridge, Fakenham, Swaffham and Wereham are all now returned. Norwich and Cromer are closely following and further news will follow.

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