The healing power from Sirius

It started in Sirius

What makes a knight glow out from the realms of a bright star seen through the line of another star system. Why, on what was just another evening of meditation, did the over arching power take me on a journey to meet my family.

Well here comes my story.

Many years ago one of the many questions I asked was this. Where in the universe did I come from. I was getting weary, it felt like others just wanted to take and take and for little did they care where they took from so long as their needs were constantly met like a car filling up at the roadside refuelling station. Mattered not where the energy came from so long as the fuel was sucked from my kindness and generosity. What followed was the most beautiful and evidential trip of a lifetime.

Three guiding lights my angels and inspirers came and took me from my home to a star system much distance from earth. On approach I could feel myself gliding through space secure in the knowledge that my three angels kept me safe. The map they so presented was a set of two planets. Both circular in shape, yet one clearly had rings around it. It is still unclear which of these planets I headed towards but as we neared I could see a wavy white line coming away from one and as I neared closely this line was in fact white beings of light in human form, lining up in their millions as if waiting for entry through passport control.

My guides brought me to the surface of this planet as we quite clearly stood tall on a planet, not too unlike one of those early episodes of a science fiction classic. Yet, for me this was the beginning of my profound understanding. No sooner had I found my footing I was presented to a glowing white energy. My three companions stepped back to leave me on a one to one with a beautiful light being. I felt secure and knew this was a journey I would never forget for the rest of time in the universe.

My newly presented friend appeared important, not necessarily the boss but certainly one of the important ones. This beautiful energy asked me a straight and direct question. Why have you returned back here to your home. Well, I didn't need a lot of persuading, my answer was straight and to the point. I feel very tired and would very much like to come home and enjoy my life on Easy Street. After all, I've been pretty busy and feel perhaps this is a good time to get home and let someone else have a go. Not necessarily my best work.

My host pointed towards the many, many queuing light beings tailing away from the planet and said. You have not finished the work you agreed and signed up to do. Your job is to stop all these light workers from returning back from earth. I could see my host was not pleased and expected my full cooperation and attention. I agreed, I was being selfish and needed to knuckle down and get on with my task.

It was at this.point when my three guides stepped forward and my host simultaneously stepped backed. I was now given some additional guidance which would be my evidence to prove that my experience and meeting at this moment was true and for real. My three guides said if I was to look through the belt of Orion I would find this planet and my home star system known as Sirius. Wow, for the first time in my life I had a true purpose and a real home to speak about. I had not heard of Sirius before but I did know of Orion and the three bright stars that made up the belt. Now, I did spend some months looking up into the sky, looking through the belt and smiling to myself and saying. That's my home up there, somewhere through Orions belt is Sirius. It did actually take me quite a few months to realise i should be looking through the line of the three stars and not just through it, I got this by looking at a star map in a book.

So, back to my meditation journey. The three companions now bring me away from the planet, passed the huge line of light, created by returning light workers and back to Earth where my story continues. All three stand by my side and ask me to look up to the sky. They show me a dome over the land of Petygards. This dome is like a giant net and my three companions assure me that I will be well protected and very safe as I proceed to continue my work on this planet known as Earth. I thank my guides for this amazing journey as they start to leave and I start to return back to where the journey first begun a bit earlier that evening.

Since that day I have no doubts whatsoever of my task and where I come from. There are a number of other amazing facets to my being here and I hope to share them very soon with like minded souls like yourself, my fellow Sirius friends and others. Thank you for being in my life and reading these actual events that took place as unequivocal evidence that Sirius is my home.

Emrys Skye