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Your Journey to Clarity

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Amber Room, The Old Barracks, Petygards Hall, North Pickenham Rd, Sporle

Connecting to your true self to shift Consciousness, by building up a good habit to enable regular connections assisted with the vibration of sound and crystal journeying.

When does life stop thinking and when does feeling begin?

When the majority of our mind controls, we get to be led by our thoughts. With the help of crystal, sound and vibration in a 7 step ritual we shall encourage the mind to pause and open a channel to an enriched open hearted experience. Enable active spoken word to offer guidance and begin your ritual.

We shall enter a clear and precise process to understand change through ritual use of different language. For example we shall encourage the mind to understand feelings. Inspiration flows readily when we feel. "How does it feel" rather than, "What do you think"? By grounding our feelings, and yes we talk a lot about grounding, will when we go through the 7 step process ensure the mind understands how we now feel.

If you can feel it, and it is real then we can expand it, grow it and make it real.

Are you ready to create clarity in your life?

Join Julie and Emrys for another opportunity to grow the reality of now with feeling.

Frequency Storyboard workshop

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The Old Barracks, Petygards Hall, North Pickenham Rd, Sporle, Norfolk

There are Seven steps to release your inner magic to the world.

Are you stuck in a situation? Ready to raise your Vibration?

Whatever the dilemma, whatever the circumstance, finding your magical moment in life is here for the taking. Join our experienced tutors Julie Turner-Adkin and Emrys Skye for this one-day practical workshop to unlock the blocks and open your book of magic. Whether it is career, family, finance, travel, the home… whatever it is we will assist you as you manifest your story with a series of journeys involving the native American drum, the frequency tubes, powerful grounding gongs and your beautiful intentions. All opportunities on Petygards sacred land shall be explored as the magic begins and expands all within your amazing grasp as each carefully guided journey turns your key of life seven times as it releases the inner blocks creating a wonderful now in your highest and greatest interest.

Follow the link and join us on your Frequency Storyboard Workshop.

We await your presence in the ‘I’ as a given. Please remember to bring along your packed lunch. Hot beverages and water from the freshwater spring provided.