Rise and Glow

The Elders are Communicating series

Each elder of light shall speak with us all,
no fancy frock, we're off to the ball,
to dance and glow like the next one along,
all gifted you are, all part of the one

Do visions show you in fancy white shoes,
smoking weed or slurping down juice,
poking fun at your neighbours gait,
breaking hearts, fighting fate?

Life's not about shoot me up games,
or kicking the cat when the world is in flames,
blaming the next one along on your line,
because of what...they develop and shine.

Look through landscape, enlighten your way,
stop to pick up, a waif and a stray,
not because it gets you a chip in some game,
do it as one, feel the love, lose the pain.

Be the owner who smiles full of joy,
heartfelt feelings of kindness...deploy!
And when you do, come back to us then,
The Elders have spoken, get cracking my friend.

That's right you know 4th Sept 2020

copyright Emrys Skye 2020