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Gong Practitioner Diploma 2021



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This is the Ultimate One to One Gong practitioner training course for 2021.

Everything you need to get you started in 2021 as a Gong Practitioner and Gong Bath Facilitator.

The Diploma Course, an amazing 32" wind gong and stand plus a mallet. We also throw in overnight in a self contained fully equipped on site large caravan accommodation.

COURSE Syllabus
The course is a one student, one tutor training weekend designed to bring the energy healing student closer to their beautiful instruments. We shall be focusing on the Gong and introducing various sacred sounds including singing bowl, tuning tube, bell plate and more…..
To help with the processing Emrys Skye, an experienced energy practitioner and tutor, will guide you through the various stages of understanding.

You will be shown how to use the gong and various sound tools, to create and design your own sacred space for ‘Sound Journey’s and ‘Gong Bath’s’.
We seek to enhance your spiritual understanding and connection with sacred sound instrument’s.

Deeper States of Consciousness
Every part of our body resonates to its own rhythm. We plan to explore further the opportunity of visualisation to help create the reality when working with sound.

Sound of the Gong
Much of what we shall work with will be practical based and it is our intention to work tirelessly to guide and encourage you to understand and feel the presence of the gong during all aspects of working with energy healing.

Sacred Sound Instruments and the tools
There are many types of gong and sacred sound instruments, each manufactured and distributed across all parts of the world. We plan to introduce some of the differing options and why they are important within the area of sound and resonance.

Spiritual Precepts
We shall look at ways to conduct energy healing and sacred sound healing within a space of love and peace. To do this we shall use and understand the spiritual precepts associated with Sacred Sound Healing.

Creating a Sacred Space
We plan to explore the best and safest ways to create your sacred space when working with energy healing.
We shall look at the sacred space grid.
Simple invocations once explained will be passed on to assist with good space clearing techniques and you shall be expected to show a good understanding to not only work with invocations but to understand why they are important.

With all energy work we shall ensure you understand and benefit from your own personal healing centre.

One on One treatment.
This course will enable you to complete a full one on one healing session whether seated or lying down. You will be able to complete this treatment on an intuitively led basis with the gong as the primary energy source. You shall also have a deeper understanding of the gong during one on one healing's. We will also introduce secondary sources of energy such as sacred drum, singing bowl and tuning tube frequencies.

The Gong bath
You will have a good understanding to create your own Gong bath from layout to performance and you will be able to progress with these wonderful events.

The role of the Gong Practitioner
It is the responsibility of each practitioner to fully understand there working environment and be in complete harmony with all that is taking place. This duty of care shall be expected of us all each time we commence our work as energy practitioners. We shall ensure you have understood all that is needed for this role before the close of the course and we will expect the practitioner to feedback any concerns or fears so these may be discussed and addressed.

Sacred Sound Techniques
When working with a gong it can be, on the one hand, a very small and portable instrument that is easily held and played. In many cases however, the gong will be secured in a stand suitable for a strong and powerful instrument. We shall talk about the various options and the importance of a safe and reliable support whether metal or wooden structure.
We shall also introduce different tools used to play the gong including various types of mallets, and how different textures, sizes and weights of these tools can influence the energy of sound.
There are many different forms of tools and instruments used in association with the gong including, tube, bell, plate and singing bowl. We shall explore the various avenues each offers when working with the gong and how best to get the most from these amazing instruments.
The importance of any sacred instrument should never be under-estimated and with our help we shall pass on this deeper understanding and knowledge to ensure a mutual respect for the gong and other instruments.

Notes of gratitude
We believe you shall leave with much love in your heart and will have shown much kindness and gratitude to all throughout the course. We will seek comfort in the knowledge that another wonderful soul has touched our centre with love and gratitude.

May this be the beginning of another beautiful energy healing journey.


Weekend fully accredited training course

One to One Training

To get you started we shall give you a superb 32" Wind gong made in Wuhan, China plus a personalised wooden stand along with a mallet.

We shall also throw in your very own, overnight fully self contained on site accommodation during your stay.

Full and completed training manual

Accredited Gong Practitioner Certificate

This package usually costs £1200. We are offering all this for an amazing heavily discounted investment of £695.


Venue:  The Old Barracks, Petygards Hall, Sporle, Norfolk, PE32 2EQ

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Sound Therapy Practitioner Training


If you wish to join this amazing adventure with sound, we are here for 6 students!

Emrys Skye and Julie Adkin will take you on a journey from planning to performance, covering many of the sacred instruments including the gong, singing bowl, tongue drum, shamanic drum, frequency tubes, vibration chair, shruti, voice and more.

Perhaps you wish to set up a Gong Bath or Sound Bath we shall show you how, we have been running sacred sound events for a number of years and can relate to the planning, the venue, the pitfalls, why this venue and not that one. What happens when a healing crisis develops? How should you deal with that crisis. We can help.

Plenty of one to one guidance and help will nurture your amazing time with our huge collection of instruments, all set on 25 acres of pure loved woodland. A magical venue for an amazing time.

This is a totally hands on experience, the theory part shall be posted to you after completing the application to join, leaving you to enjoy a practical time to fully immerse and understand.   This will be a comprehensive manual of all you shall need to become a successful practitioner with sound.

We have the creative knowledge and knowhow to make your dream… a successful reality.

This training course is fully accredited enabling you to commence your Sound Practitioner Journey on completion.

Your investment is £275 payable over instalments or £250 in one payment.

Why wait, let the journey begin!

Why Sacred Sound?

Does history turn on the tap of sound. Something perhaps to consider is this. Many centuries ago, planet earth was seen to be a quiet, non-mechanical environment. No busy street to chatter away in the head, no honking horn or screech of noisy brakes to catch your attention. The music that appeared was created in the villages and tribes of the time. They too were likely to be navigating life’s challenges with wisdom and perhaps seeking to live a better life yet realising they held the guide to living.

One such area of wonderment came from the sounds experienced during rituals and healings. Instruments became sacred tools of wisdom such as the flute and drum, the bowl and gong. Many groups used these instruments in different ways and perhaps ways in which we still do not understand.

There are many benefits to weaving an ancient practice that seeks to turn off the fight and flight response, that interrupts the habitual patterns of stress and anxiety and opens the door to calming peace and healing.

Life can be very confusing and at times many can find themselves swept along a tricky pathway…yet with a roadmap you can navigate your way through with clarity. Sacred Sound is one such roadmap. Your satnav to Resonance is everywhere.

Sound is caused by vibrations that form a wave through some medium such as air, water, and ground. The resonance of sound, whether you hear it or not, can have profound effects on the body. Go back into historical works to find multiple references to sound. Tapping into the sound vibrations can reshape our external world and enhance our life experience.

Indian tradition uses the qualities of sounds for powerful purposes. These purposes range from building consciousness and manifesting energy to awakening the life force within us and healing. For many today Sacred Sound is a wonderful continuation of the earths own vibrating heartbeat. Everything has a frequency. Everything has a vibration!

 Our Dedication to you

To all the beautiful energy in the universe. All the wonderful students and supporters that have come to Spiritual Flow workshops and courses, shows and events. Your wishes to progress on your own uniqueness in life gives us all the power to crank up the volume and get motoring.

Come join our journey, learn all about vibration, create your own Gong Bath and Sound Journey. Be the one that takes your journey by storm. Love the resonance. We shall give you all the necessary tools to make this happen. From planning to performing, we offer the skill, the wisdom, the craft to empower your journey with new creations on exciting, authentic pathways.

Believe in yourself, be intuitive, enjoy your light bulb moments and most of all manifest your abundance to the full.

With much love Emrys Skye

Spiritual Flow


Venue: The Old Barracks, Petygards Hall, North Pickenham Rd, Sporle, Norfolk, PE32 2EQ

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