Foreground of your life

Foggy dew hung in the air like a wall,

for this a visionary soldier I call,
no linger of doubt or dream state view,
my mind trotted off, my being went phew.

For every colour I could think of cast doubt,
upon my trip to visit friend I loved,
his wrinkly skin, grown much old and pale,
yet his being was strong, like a dinosaur tail.

And now as this misty dampness clears,
I call his name and the spirit nears,
no rocky mound upon pandemic plain,
shall hold me back from this destiny sane.

Of course the mind played a trick and more,
it always will, yet I opened this door,
the journey with backpack on soul is no chore,
yet grow mighty strong, my heart will roar.

My mentoring brother who lives in a van,
is happy, content, relaxed he has no plan,
this is the reason my hat drops to go,
universal energy gets the nod....make it so.

Copyright Emrys Skye 2020

Wow insane

The moon is like a ghost up in the darkest aloft,
with drifting fog and mist covering croft.
then from the toiling journey comes I,
to burst the bubble and rise with the skye.

Adjusting nothing, it's a soul given sign,
sometimes lonely but never a crime,
for meeting new with a fun loving smile,
engaging the awesome, going extra a mile.

When life feels shortest, it is going at pace,
pull on the reins, drop firm from the race,
Gone is the fast lane just lay to the ground,
feel the vibration and beckoning sound.

For you have grounded to earth once again,
connected your soul to a sweet smelling plain,
from inner knowing, recharged to the hilt
glowing, rejoicing for this is heartfelt.

And now the memories are real and sublime,
the simplest of journey will change much in time,
then just like the bird that rose up from the flame,
enlightenment comes, flowing, insane!

copyright Emrys Skye 2020