Sheringham Relaxing & Restorative Gong Bath

Sheringham Scout Hut, 7 De Morley Garth, Sheringham

A beautifully Relaxing and Restorative Gong Bath Session. This is now a drop in centre for the gong baths. No Pre Booking required. Please join the ever growing community of gong bath warriors here in Sheringham. Feel the resultant tones of the new super gongs, these 38" and 40" Gongs pour out energy for peace, happiness and gratitude reprogramming the mind to understand a more grounded experience that enables the heart to glow from the very core. From here you can sail away wherever you need to. No need to book, please just turn up on the night and enjoy your experience. Payment on the door £12 cash on the night please. No need to Pre Book.

Norwich Gong Bath

St Lukes Church, 61 Aylsham Rd, Norwich

No Pre Booking Required. Are you looking for a little respite in life, perhaps a space to find the time to relax and enjoy your life. Maybe go on a beautiful journey of enlightenment, healing the weary mind body and soul. Whatever you choose the opportunity to do all this in a gong bath is possible as David and Emrys take you on that journey with sound, frequency and vibration.

Thank you so much for looking to return to our regular, 1st Wednesday of the month Gong Bath in Norwich.

We have decided from July this Gong bath will be a drop in centre, no need to book just turn up on the night, pay on the door and enjoy the evening in a stress free and goodly good happiness.

Your investment for the evening is £12 cash on the door.

Swaffham Gong Bath

Assembly Room, Market Place, Swaffham

No Pre Booking Required. Please join us in Swaffham and begin your journey with the Gong. These instruments are multi frequency, sound and vibrational sacred journey instruments and will take you on a healing and enlightenment pathway to wherever your body, spirit and soul desires. Please join us as we guide you on your journey. This is now a monthly drop in centre, no pre booking required. Please just turn up and enjoy. Payment on the night of £12 cash on the door please.

Fakenham Relaxing & Restorative Gong Bath

Sculthorpe Village Hall, Moor Lane, Sculthorpe

No Pre Booking required. We are truly delighted to be continuing our third year in Sculthorpe Village Hall. If you would like to join us for a wonderful experience with the powerful gongs and go on a journey of discovery then perhaps this is for you. The Gong is a multi frequency instrument that produces sound, vibration and frequency. Our bodies respond to frequency, sound and vibration and by carefully placing out into the universe these vibrations enables us to receive in abundance. I personally use a combination of 38" Symphonic Paisti and 40" Dream Fengs to optimum resultant effect. Many experience amazing journey's, healing and enlightenment and I ask you to consider, what do you want from a gong bath? No need to pre-book, just turn up and pay on the door. Your investment for the evening is £12 cash on the door.

Cambridge Gong Bath

Trumpington Village hall, 71 High St, Cambridge

This is now a monthly drop in centre. No need to pre book. Please join us as we take you on a journey with the gong. Whether you come for enlightenment, healing or to just relax is fine with us. Please join us and enjoy the regular experience. This is now a monthly drop in centre and no pre booking is required. Please pay on the door £12 cash on the night.