Swaffham Gong Pod & Gong Bath with Gong Master Emrys Skye

Assembly Room, Market Place, Swaffham

Welcome to 2022 and a new format and series of gong bath presentations. I am calling it a Gong Pod & Gong Bath with Gong Master Emrys Skye, The first of which starts here in Swaffham.

This first of this new series will be via ticket only. Please purchase through our on line ticket link.

I shall be arriving with my usual collection of Asian and European Gongs. The two differences will be I shall be on my own and the Gongs will be set up in the centre part of the room with the clients forming a ring around the outside.

Please bring along plenty of mats to lie on, plus warming blankets and pillows for cosy comforts. The Gong Pod & Gong Bath will last approximately one hour and the opportunity to journey in meditation, receive beautiful sound healing and much more is possible during these special events.

Please join me and experience plenty of love and healing during these sessions.

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