The Gong Practitioner Diploma Retreat

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Earthspirit Centre, Compton Dundon, Somerset, TA11 6PE, Peak Ln, Compton Dundon

Joining us at Glastonbury might be the best thing you ever did.

The future is in our hands!

The Gong Practitioner Diploma Retreat RETURNS IN WONDERMENT with this extended break retreat and learn something amazing. Are ready to join this growing adventure with sound?

A treat awaits with this carefully crafted extended 4 day/3 nights retreat style gong practitioner diploma, enabling the student free time to enjoy the surrounding towns of Glastonbury and Wells plus the awesome beauty of Earthspirit Centre including the neighbouring 1700 years young Ancient Yew Tree in the church yard.

This is the centre

Emrys Skye and Julie Adkin will take you on a journey from planning to performance, covering some of the sacred instruments primarily with the gong, including the native American drum and frequency tubes.

Perhaps you wish to set up a Gong Bath or Similar, we shall show you how. We have been organising sacred sound events for a number of years and can relate to the planning, the venue, the pitfalls, why this venue and not that one. What happens when a healing crisis develops? How should you deal with that crisis. Are there contraindications. We can help.

Understanding more about how we connect with vibration and the chakras will be a key component as we introduce the clarity of crystal with the gong.

Plenty of one to one guidance and help will nurture your amazing time with our huge collection of instruments, all presented on loved and specially chosen land. The magic of Earthspirit Centre, with the gong makes for an awesome energetic experience.

This is a totally hands on opportunity enabling you to enjoy a practical time to fully engage with the Gong and free time to relax and process.

We have the creative knowledge and knowhow to make your dream… a successful reality.

And, if you wish we have also sourced good quality gongs and crystal, to purchase at affordable student rates during your time with us.

This training course is fully accredited with The International Practitioners of Holistic Medicine enabling you to commence your Gong and Sound Practitioner Journey on completion.

Your investment is £555 and includes the course fee, en-suite shared twin room accommodation and vegetarian food. Why wait, let the journey begin!

Arrive 6pm Friday, get settled into your room, have an amazing evening meal, relax a little more, then enjoy your first night with Emrys and Julie commencing your gong journey for a special long weekend of gong enlightenment. When you leave on Monday at 2pm you will have all the tools needed to welcome your clients for amazing treatments and opportunities.

Some Questions and Answers

Sound lovely but when? This runs from 16th August to 19th August 2022

I would love to do this but is there the possibility of having a room to myself and not shared at all? We can offer a single Ensuite Room. There would be a small single supplement to pay in addition to the total. This adds an additional £44 to the total.

How many places are there on the course please? Thank you for the question. We plan a maximum of 14 places, 2 tutors and 1 facilitator.

Hello.. What does the student come away with.. Certificate? That allows one to work in venues, is it a recognised certificate? Great question. Yes, this training is accredited with both Balens and the International Practitioners of Holistic Medicine (IPHM) and provides the recognised certificate to Practitioner level enabling you to obtain public liability insurance to safely work. If you would like further information please contact: 07932 012262

Are Case Studies Required? This is an optional feature and highlighted within our training manual and also further guidance can be found under Student Resource Centre here on our website.

Do you sell Gongs? Yes, and at special rates that include all the associated parts and tools to get you on the road. Once you have signed up you will be invited to join the Student Resource Centre and make big savings.

The course venue: Earthspirit Centre, Compton Dundon, Somerset, TA11 6PE

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