The Gong Practitioner Diploma

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The Old Barracks, Amber Room, Petygards Hall, Sporle


Do you wish to join this growing adventure with sound?

We will be here for an amazing weekend.

Emrys Skye and Julie Adkin will take you on a journey from planning to performance, covering many of the sacred instruments primarily with the gong, plus the native American drum and frequency tubes. Perhaps you wish to set up a Gong Bath or Similar, we shall show you how. We have been organising sacred sound events for a number of years and can relate to the planning, the venue, the pitfalls, why this venue and not that one. What happens when a healing crisis develops? How should you deal with that crisis. Are there contraindications. We can help.

Understanding more about how we connect with vibration and the chakras will be a key component as we introduce the clarity of crystal with the gong. Plenty of one to one guidance and help will nurture your amazing time with our huge collection of instruments, all set on 25 acres of pure loved woodland. A magical venue for an amazing time.

This is a totally hands on experience enabling you to enjoy a practical time to fully engage with the Gongs. We have the creative knowledge and knowhow to make your dream… a successful reality.

And if you wish we have also sourced good quality gongs and equipment, to purchase at affordable student rates during your time with us.

This training course is fully accredited with The International Practitioners of Holistic Medicine enabling you to commence your Gong and Sound Practitioner Journey on completion.

Your investment is £255.

Why wait, let the journey begin!

Ps If you require accommodation please check out the local Airbnb for Swaffham, Castle Acre, Sporle, Narborough, Necton, North Pickenham.

Spiritual Flow Contact: 07932 012262 Course Venue: The Old Barracks, Petygards Hall, North Pickenham Rd, Sporle, Norfolk, PE32 2EQ

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