Auspicious Grand Gong Bath at The Halls, Norwich

The Halls, St Andrews Hall,, Norwich

Please Book and Guarantee your space for this event. We have put together a team of our finest Gong Practitioners to present the largest known Gong Bath event in Norfolk and possibly elsewhere. The Halls is a magnificent medieval venue with a beautiful cathedral ceiling that lends itself to special events. Our special event will feature around 40 large Gongs set around the complete inside perimeter of St Andrews Hall. Our team of many Gong practitioners will take you on an amazing Ancestral Gong Journey, all you need to do is relax, close the mind and open the heart centre and all begins to flow freely as the waves of beautiful frequency and sound wash over your very being, enriching you in positive vibration. The event starts at 7.30pm and concludes approximately 90 minutes later. All the Gong Practitioners have attended and received Sound Diplomas via the College of Spiritual Flow and currently run their own Sound Practices throughout the country.

This is a one off, very special event and we hope you are able to join us. Book Your Space Now and save 25%!! In advance via the link is £15.00. Price on the night is £20.