In your hands 

May you wake from slumber long, 

to enjoy this loving song, 

from all that touch your world, 

this journey so beautifully unfurled.


Each moment a sense in time, 

reaching out to tickle its shrine, 

this land so vastly warm, 

as we pass by in all a storm. 


Yet, to calm we will I'm sure, 

a calling from earths crystal core, 

to see what's so blatantly clear, 

as we each have a view to a steer. 


Remember you are all just a grain, 

recalling your angry disdain, 

with a sweep of this staff you will see, 

levelling all to ground if need be. 


But resort is last from land, 

recovering from weakened hand, 

grow it will from the ashes again, 

if all else fails resolution mend. 


One last try requests you all, 

find strength, stand ground and call, 

not arms just shout equality share, 

without it earths failure prepare. 


No liar call, this is now cast, 

clear evidence from earths icy blast, 

looming large across these lands, 

it's now in your capable hands.

Copyright Emrys Skye 2020